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I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing people

As parents of teenagers, we always want them to be active, but this was so much more engaging than doing things on our own. Bri kept it fun, was super encouraging, provided great coaching. We're looking forward to working with her again!

- Wendy

Brittany is very knowledgeable about the human body and genuinely cares  about those she instructs. She takes time to plan her classes, offers options for different levels of mastery and pays close attension to form; all elements of a winning training program. Thank you Bri, for the motivation to take care of my body and mind in such a positive environments.

- Fabiana

Bri offered a safe, personalized workout plan that was flexible enough to fit into my work schedule. She was attentive to my fitness goals, and modified exercises to address my post-partum concerns. In addition to developing challenging and dynamic workouts, Brittany is a positive, friendly and a motivating trainer. I really enjoyed the variety of her workouts - in addition to keeping your heart rate up, she will keep your on your toes! 

- Nikki

Bri's small group fitness are the reason I finally got my motivation back toward living a healthier lifestyle. The workouts are always challenging but still fun because of the great group of people. Great workouts in such a positive, supportive atmosphere. What more could you want?!

- Kayla

Both my partner and I have a variety of limitations due to past injuries. Bri incredibly created a workout plan week to week tailored to each of our specific goals and limitations- she offered each of us the ability to safely strengthen and workout at the same time! Each session targeted different areas of the body and each session we felt challenged to do more than the week before! Bri showed me that workouts and doing something great for my body doesn’t have to feel like work. It is work and it is a challenge but you can have fun and look forward to doing it for yourself day after day!

- Celeste

Brittany has been nothing short of an amazing trainer. She praises our successes and supports us when we need direction. I would highly recommend her for small group training to anyone. But be ready to work, and you will reap the rewards! I've personally never felt better. 

- Joel

When health issues caused my fitness levels to drop I knew I needed someone who would meet me where I was and gently nudge me back up the ladder to better health. Brittany is creative in planning her workouts, very encouraging and FUN! Also very important to me is that she listens...any workout plan she has can be modified on the spot to accommodate what’s going on in my body at that very moment. I have worked with various fitness professionals over the years and I highly recommend Brittany!!!

- Sherri

Bri is amazing! She has great energy and knows how to motivate you. She has a big open space to workout, plenty of equipment and she always plays the best music. My partner and I wanted to focus on different areas, Bri always ensured she incorporated both areas in each workout. We always looked forward to our sessions, even my partner who is not a fan of working out. Can’t wait to train with her again next summer!

- Christine

I joined Bri's Zumba classes and they have become a highlight of my week. It’s a great group of people of all ages, sizes, fitness level and sessions are a lot of fun with excellent music! I highly recommend Bri if you are looking to get back into shape with a little support. She has your back! 


I have been following Bri for years and she continues to amaze me with her creative work outs and fitness knowledge. She pushes me to my limits and has a wide variety of equipment. I will continue to recommend her to anyone who are looking to improve their fitness journey.

- Catherine

Brittany is a fantastic trainer who listens and is very supportive during all of our training sessions. She pushes me to get that one more rep in because she knows I can do it

- Dani

At 57 I signed up for a beginner boot camp. Love the small group size and Brit’s energy and expertise. She ensures good form and helps adapt exercises to prevent injuries.  I cannot believe how far my fitness has improved in such a short time.


Brittany’s group classes have been something to look forward to each week. Her classes are always varied and challenging, and she is there to motivate you throughout the workout and help with making exercises the most beneficial for you (tips on form, providing alternatives to suit your physical needs). Brittany’s positive attitude and commitment towards exercise and her clients is evident in each session.

- Kat

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the workout experience with Bri Fitt.  The small group setting is ideal for support and camaraderie and Bri matches people based on their fitness level. She is a terrific trainer and watches everyone to ensure good posture and always recommends different movements/exercises if someone has a pain point or an injury.  Bri is super dynamic and fun yet she will push you to exceed your perceived limits and do a little bit more.  

- Sherri

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