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Why Float? What does it do?

As an RMT/ fitness instructor, I am very hard on my body and a small injury can spiral if I don't take care of it. Floating is another therapy I've recently added to my rehab and I'm loving the benefits. I have a routine of getting massage on a regular basis and adding in chiro, fascial stretch therapy, osteopath and physio when needed.

What is a float- This is a salt water pod where you float for 60 minutes. Also known as a sensory deprivation tank designed to help your mind and body relax, recover and reset.

How does it work? There are many different benefits to floats but I will just mention how I benefit. First off once I settle, I have zero aches pains in my body. Quite often, I will notice noises in my belly (ie grumbling) known as the rest and digest of my parasympathetic nervous system turning off which means I'm in total relaxation. It's not unusual that I hear cracks/ clicks in my joints from the low gravity environment allowing buoyancy in the water. Some areas of my body will feel intense pain for short periods (usually my injuries) and then they release, my best guess is this is the sodium magnesium binding to the injured area as a way of healing it. I feel stretched out and pain free post floats.

Who should use Float Therapy

  • People looking to relax/ chronic stress

  • People with acute/ chronic injury

  • Anyone suffering from nerve pain

  • Anyone with Osteoarthritis

  • People who suffer spinal injuries- disc bulge, fusing of any part of the spine, neck pain

  • People who do heavy lifting or anything compressive in their jobs

  • People who are active- runners, weightlifters, gym goers

  • Best bet is to say EVERYONE could benefit from it!!!

Where is it located? My all time favourite location is the Ottawa Spinal Decompression Chiropractor located just off Blair (across from Pineview Golf Course) 2034 Medowbrook Rd

How do I book?

Under book - 60 minute float Therapy to select your time.

Cost is $59 + hst

Helpful tips

-Go pee before going as once your in the pod its a pain to get out/ get dressed and back in.

-Always eat meals a few hours before as you want to be able to fully relax.

-Always take a shower before to get off any oils or lotions on your body and I always enjoy being warm before I go in.

-Don't touch your face - if you do be prepared your eyes will burn from the salt. There is a spray bottle inside the float to flush it out, or keep a towel nearby if you need to dry your eye off.

-Shower all the salt off after and don't be alarmed when you feel salty everywhere (scrub in the ears, behind the ears etc.

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