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Massage- Is it really worth the money?

This conversation plays out a lot during massages… “I would come for more massages, however, I only have $300 of insurance for massage.” You would not believe how many times I hear this.

If we take a look at haircuts or pedicures/manicures, nobody has insurance for any of these and yet many people find a way to make this fit into their budget. By no means, am I suggesting that you stop getting your hair or nails done, however I’m putting into perspective that if you do need more massages than your insurance allows... Splurge and take care of your body (you only have one for the rest of your life.. LOL)!

I think about spending money on a massage like rehab, therapy and or injury prevention. If I had a tooth ache, that wasn’t going away, I wouldn’t hesitate going to the dentist to get it looked at, despite spending the extra money that it costs (as I don't have coverage), I know I can not be productive and focused if I'm in pain. The same goes about massage therapy... If you kinck your neck, or if you have trouble bending over due to lower back pain this inhibits your activities of daily living and you should seek out treatment.

Massage Therapy is a regulated profession and all Regulated Massage Therapists (RMTs) have been through the same schooling and examination. The College of Massage Therapy (CMTO) has standards and guidelines for pricing. Prices of everything have gone up over the years and will continue to rise, so if you run out of benefits, make yourself the priority.

Happy muscles= happy body!!

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