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Why workout?

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Do you enjoy your post workout highs? Whether it's cardio, HIIT style workouts or weight training, the benefits are extraordinary.

Benefits are:

-starts your day off with a win-- accomplishment

-allows you to get control of your day (AKA structure)

-control weight loss

-keeps you healthy/ combats health conditions and diseases

-helps body manage blood sugars and insulin

-improves mood

-boosts energy

-reduces day to day stress

-helps builds confidence

-helps with concentration and memory

-can help manage anxiety and depression

-leads to better sleep

-improve joint pain and stiffness

-help prevent bone related illnesses

-helps with sex drive

Ideally you should aim for 150 minutes of low/moderate aerobic activity (including: walking, chores, yardwork..), 60 minutes of vigorous activity (running, swimming, hiit workouts, skating and zumba) and strength training workouts at least twice a week.

If you need help getting started please reach out as I would love to work with you!!

Stay Fit, Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!!

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