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Massage- Questions & Answers

Q-What type of massage do you do?

A- I do sports injury and deep tissue massage. I do not do relaxational massages.

Q- What is your address?

A- Once you have booked my address will come in the confirmation and every remider email.

Q- Where can I park?

A- Clients are able to park in the driveway within ten minutes of your appointment start time. Please wait in your car or on the steps until your scheduled appointment time. When I am ready, I will come and wave you in.


Q- What form of payment do you accept?

A- I take credit, debit, cash and E-transfer. Receipts will be emailed after payment.

Q- Are you a licensed massage therapist>

A- Yes I am an active member of the College of Massage Therapy.


Q- If I need to cancel how do I go about cancelling and rescheduling ?

A- If you need to cancel or reschedule, please click any of your appointment bookings or reminders and at the bottom of the email it has the options to cancel or reschedule. Please do not use Facebook for cancelling massages as I am not always checking it.


Q- What happens if I no show or Cancellations within 24 hours

A- If you cancel within 24 hours of the massage, a $60 late cancellation fee will apply. If cancel within 2 hours prior or if you don't show up, the full fee applies.


Q- What are the cost of the massage including tax?

A- 30 minutes $85

45 minutes $100

60 minutes $120

75 minutes $140

90 minutes $160


Q- What email does the receipt come from.

A- The receipt will come from Clinicsense by end of the day on your massage day.

Fitness- Questions & Answers

Q- Where is the gym located?

A- We are located at 2034 St. Joseph Blvd (same plaza as dominos pizza). The gym we rent is called Monkey Bar Fitness.

Q- Do you offer outdoor classes?

A- Yes we do, however, it depends on weather. This year we are trying a combo of both inside and outdoors in fall/ winter. 


Q- What app do you use for booking and cancelling? 

A- We use the push press members app (free app)

Q- Can you have more than 1 punchcard on your file at the same time.

A- Yes, you can!!!


Q- Does unlimited (gold or silver) include all the classes ?

A- All classes on the fitness schedule are included.


Q- Are you closed on holidays?

A- No, we like to stay open! We do take December 25th off but we try our best to keep classes running over holidays. Sometimes we condense the schedule around times where we have less members attending.


Q- Does my punchcard expire?

A- Punchcards expire after four months after the date of purchase.

Q- Can I put my membership on hold for a trip? A month off ? A medical issue?

A- We only sell a limited amount of memberships so we have space for our members. Because we are holding that spot for you, we aren't able to put a pause on memberships unless experiencing a medical issue (doctors note needed)

Q- What is the cost of breaking my unlimited membership.

A- We hate to see people go, however we understand sometimes things happen. If cancelling your unlimited membership you will be billed $40 per month remaining left in your membership and a $100 cancellation fee.


Q- Can I cancel a class I've registered for?

A- We ask that you please provide 3 hours notice for a cancellation.


Q- How old do you have to be to workout with us?

A- 16 years old. 


Q- Can I used one punchcard for friends or family? 

A- Punchcards can only be used for one member. We do sell drop ins for friends and family.

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