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Small Group

Small group training allows members to get hands on coaching while working out in a supportive group. Workouts can be easily modified to each participants needs. It's the best of both worlds, as not everyone can afford personal training all year round. Being social with our highly motivated crew and trainers is a blast and will always reenergize you. Each member is guided and challenged based on their own current needs and limitations. Come join our FITT SQUAD.


Small group fitness classes are 10 participants or less.

Classes are located at 2034 St Joseph Blvd at Monkey Bar Fitness.

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Bootcamp, HIIT & Challenge (intermediate/ advanced)


Bootcamp classes are a combination of cardio and resistance training. Be prepared to be surprised each and every class. One style of bootcamp class is 60 sec station work and 20 seconds recovery rotating through all the stations, however they are a coaches choice!!!  Be ready to sweat and work hard. Class is intermediate level.


HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval training. In this class the work potion is shorter (40 seconds or less) . There is a lot of cardio, plyometics, body weight in this class. Be prepared to be out of breathe

Challenge is an advanced class and great for people who are self driven or want a little extra competition. Whiteboard style workout. This class is not suitable for people with injuries or limitations.   Be prepared for the toughest workout!!! 

 Body Sculpt, Tabata, Mobility 


Body Sculpt is a resistance style class with no cardio. Be prepared to work with your body weight, bands,  dumbbells, kettebells and medicine balls. Be prepared to work the whole body! 

Tabata is a combination of cardio and strength training with very short intervals.  The work portions are 20 seconds long with 10 seconds recovery. This class is geared for everyone and can easily be modified or more challenging depending what your looking for

Mobility is perfect for anyone suffering with tight muscles or recovering from an injury. This class is a combination of stretching, strengthening small muscle groups and releasing tight muscles using massage balls and foam rollers.

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Dance Fit 

Grooving out to the sound and beats while getting your sweat on.. sounds like a dream?! You don't need to be a good dancer to enjoy the benefits and feel welcome in class.  You can choose to make it high or low intensity. Come ready to sweat and have FUN. This class is for all levels.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi 

Tai Chi effects the body in many levels such as physical, psychological, social, philosophical and on a spiritual level. It is this multilevel combination that has shown to improve complex chronic diseases that involve many systems throughout the body including the nervous, respiratory, endocrine, and immune systems which all interact with the cardiovascular system affecting how well the heart functions. You will leave class feeling balanced physically, mentally and emotionally but most of all “happy”!



12 months commitment 

3 months commitment 

4 week commitment 






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