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 Group Training



Small Group

Small group training allows members to get hands on coaching while working out in a supportive group. Workouts can be easily modified to each participants needs. It's the best of both worlds, as not everyone can afford personal training all year round. Being social with our highly motivated crew and trainers is a blast and will always reenergize you. Each member is guided and challenged based on their own current needs and limitations. Come join our FITT SQUAD.


Small group fitness classes are 10 participants or less. Yoga/ Zumba is 12 or less.

Classes are located at 2034 St Joseph Blvd at Monkey Bar Fitness.

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Interval Style- Hiit & Tabata

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. This class gets your heart rate pumping with all out intervals. This class will use a combo of bodyweight and resistance training. This class is intermediate level. 

Tabata is another form of interval training. This class is done to specific music with preset intervals. The format is 20 seconds work with 10 second break and a total of 8 rounds. This class is designed to fatigue your muscles.

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Bootcamp classes are a combination of cardio and resistance training. Be prepared to work for approix 45-90 seconds per station. Bootcamp classes tend to be a rotation around the gym with different equipment, however this class is a total surprise as you never know whats coming. Be prepared to sweat.

Challenge class is an advanced bootcamp. All are welcome but be prepared for the toughest workout!!! Challenge bootcamp is Sundays at 11:45am. 

Body Sculpt


Body Sculpt is a resistance style class with no cardio. Be prepared to work with dumbbells, kettebells and medicine balls. There are many different styles to this class  as somedays it will be more focus to glutes &core while other days arms & legs and circuits. This class is great for full body toning.

Body Sculpt fundamentals is a great introduction to starting or getting back into fitness, however it is also great for those wanting to work on their form and learn modifications and/or progressions. In this class, you will learn  the basic movements of push, pull, squats and hip hinging. One movement will be focused on each class, but you can always expect a full body workout. This class is for all levels.

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Pelvic Floor Tune Up 

Pelvic floor tune up- Join us for a movement based class that has empowering discussions about common yet treatable pelvic health issues. This class will include mobility/strength & stretch training, self-massage, and especially core & breath work. ''You won't suddenly pee if you work with me!'' 

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Dance Fit 

Grooving out to the sound and beats while getting your sweat on.. sounds like a dream?! You don't need to be a good dancer to enjoy the benefits and feel welcome in class.  You can choose to make it high or low intensity. Come ready to sweat and have FUN


Mindfulness Yoga 

Come and unwind, start your day, and week feeling refreshed and grounded through this Yoga practice. This class incorporates a combination of a flow & Yin, Meditation, and breathwork that will help you feel powerful yet relaxed. Led by a Psychologist trained in Vinyasa, you will not only be flowing but connecting your mind and body with the overall goal of elevating your health and overall wellbeing. 

Group Running

Runners Mobility 

Runnes do you need to work on your mobility and inbalances? This session is for you! This is a great learning session of strengthening hips, glutes and core while stretching and release the quads and feet. Lets prevent injuries and stabilize your joints to keep you enjoying your runs. 

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Unlimited Fitness*- Gets you access to 4 preregistered classes and same day drop in to any classes with availability.

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