Small Group Training

Small Groups Huge Results

Small group training allows members to get to know their group and more personalized training programs for the members. A lot of emphasis is on challenging members at their current level, as well as correcting and learning proper forms to all movements. Small group classes will be 10 or less participants. Beginner classes are smaller with groups of 4-6 participants. The goal is to help you achieve your goals in a supportive environment.

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Small Group Training

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Small Group

I offer a variety of classes including HIIT (high intensity interval training), body sculpt, tabata, and boocamps. For  bootcamps, I have beginner, intermediate and advanced classes.

During May to September classes will be OUTSIDE, unless weather doesn't allow for it and in that case I have indoor space at Monkey Bar Fitness (2034 St. Joseph Blvd).

Class sizes are 10 or less participants.




Body Sculpt is designed to work the glutes and core as the number one focus. Arms and legs will also be a focus. Be prepared to have a full body workout each session. There is no cardio in this class.

Body Sculpt  (All Levels)


Beginner Bootcamp 

 Join this class if you are new or starting back into fitness and want to ease into it. This class will go through fundamental movement patterns. The focus of this class is to learn proper form and modifications. We will work on activating the core to support the lower back.  This class is great for anyone with lower back, hip or knee injuries . (Max 6 participants)

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HIIT/ TABATA /BOOTCAMP  (intermediate & Advanced)

HIIT- Expect lots of cardio
TABATA- is interval training with 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds recovery.
With bootcamps (intermediate or advanced)  you will never know what is coming! They sky is the limit. These classes are not ideal for anyone with any serious injuries or new to training.

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1 Class Per Week (4wk)



Unlimited  fitness (4wk)