Small Group Training



Small Group Training

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Small Group

Small group training allows members to get hands on coaching while working out in a supportive group. Workouts can be easily modified to each participants needs. It's the best of both worlds, as not everyone can afford personal training all year round. Being social with our highly motivated crew and trainers is a blast and will always reenergize you. Each member is guided and challenge based on their own current needs and limitations.


Small group sizes are 10 participants or less. 

Classes are located at 2034 St Joseph Blvd at Monkey Bar Fitness.


There are many names for sculpting classes: body sculpt, glutes &core, arms & legs and circuits. The focus of these classes is a combination of body weight and resistance training exercises. (no cardio in this class)


Mobility & Stretch

Lets be honest, as we age, our bodies need more focus on flexibility, mobility and balance. Whether your 20 or 70, you need to release your tight muscles. These classes can be more stretch or rolling focused, allowing you to release your tight muscles. 

Mobility- is a combination or yoga tune up balls, bands, foam rollers and stretches

Stretch- is more designed for both static holds as well as dynamic movement stretches.

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HIIT/ TABATA /BOOTCAMP  (intermediate level)

These classes are designed to get your heart rate pumping. Classes are challenging with both weights and cardio.

HIIT- is high intensity interval training. This class has more cardio and plyometric training. 

Tabata- 8 rounds of 20 seconds work with 10 seconds recovery. We do approix. 10-12 tabata's in a class. 

Bootcamp- is a surprise, you will never know whats coming.

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1 Class Per Week (4wk)



Unlimited  fitness (4wk)




Small Group, Huge Results, working with a fun, SuPPORTIVE Team